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All files format comes without voice tags / watermark
Choose estimate how many streams/views your song will get. If you reach amount, your license will no longer be valid until you upgrade to the higher amount.
Use for the concert, live performances, club, event and similar performing.
Synchronization Use works to be synchronized with moving pictures as background in a motion picture, television program, advertisements, DVD, etc.
Choose when your license expires. Starting from the date of purchase. Your rights and the license will no longer be valid after the ending of your license date.
Registration your song to protects and collect musical copyrights and royalty by monitoring public performances of your music.

Read more about Music Royalties here 

Use for radio, tv, podcasting, game streaming and internet live streaming platforms.
Choose how much revenue cumulatively you are allowed to earn with your license.

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Une fois le processus ci-dessous terminé, le contrat de licence mis à jour sera immédiatement envoyé à votre adresse e-mail. Si votre mise à niveau est fournie avec des fichiers audio supplémentaires tels que les stems WAV ou Tracked Out, ils seront envoyés séparément dans les 24 heures.